Aug 28 2021 7:09 PM
PIROUETTES - New Album out september 1st 2021

"Pirouettes" contains nine new songs, each with
its own evocative expression - a dynamic, expressive music performed on synthesizers and acoustic string instruments. The image of the dancer on the cover is a symbol that dance highlights a musical expression, while the music is brought to life through a dancer's movements. With the dancer's elegant movements, the listener is led into a kaleidoscopic, varied musical universe filled with mood and harmony, which moves the mind, stimulates the imagination and inspires the listener.

"Pirouettes" is Klaus Schønning's fortieth album, and this record shows in particular his characteristic, superb mastery of the electronic and acoustic sounds, which are embodied in a versatile, colorful palette of well-sounding arrangements and fine melodic pieces of music. Klaus Schønning shows on "Pirouettes" his sense of creating a unique, universal and timeless music that will give the listener a great experience through music that can be heard again and again.