Mar 19 2021 10:04 AM
NEW ALBUM: 'A Place Called Home'


April 1st 2021 the new Klaus Schønning album 'A Place Called Home' will be released.
'A Place called Home' is a reflection on the state of the modern world, where at present we only know one place in the universe where there is life. A small oasis in an infinitely large space.
The Wedge
Tectonic Dance
The Librarian
The Hall of Mirrors
Once Upon a Time in Vienna
Blue in Montmartre
Through the Eyes of the Watchmaker
A Place Called Home
Mar 01 2021 5:36 PM
Lydstrejf #1 - Klaus' set

On the last day of february 2021, six danish musicians joined forces to perform six short sets from six different locations all streamed on the same channel under the banner 'Lydstrejf #1'.
Klaus Schønning was the closing performer, playing a 30 minutes set of six songs from his home studio in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Klaus performed:
1) Solopgang (Sunrise)
2) Lysstrejf (Light Beams)
3) Arctic Spring
4) Astronaut
5) Sunset over Ararat
6) Vandløbet (The Stream)