Dec 01 2023 6:10 PM
Klaus Schønning releases mammoth work!
With a mastodon release of six albums, Klaus Schønning rounds off in 2024 after 45 years as an album artist.

From January 2024 and the following six months, the musician Klaus Schønning will publish the mammoth work ’Music in Colors’. The work consists of six albums, which have the subtitles ’Yellow’, ’Orange’, ’Red’, ’Green’, ’Blue’ and ’Purple’. Each album consists of 9 instrumental tracks, giving a total of 54 tracks and a playing time of just around 4 hours.
At the same time, ’Music in Colors’ will be Klaus Schønning’s last release.

’Music in Colors’ is built on a universal and timeless idea, where the nuances of colors inspire music. And vice versa, where the expression of colors depicts the music’s components of tones, moods and timbres. Music reflects colors and colors reflect music. A fundamental factor that can be communicated and understood by everyone and that can be perceived individually and subjectively by the listener.
The music is harmonious and melodic and moves through varied symphonic soundscapes in dynamic progressions. Large complex synthesizer arrangements create a completely distinctive and highly expressive musical expression that Klaus has developed over the years.
In June 2024, when the last part of ’Music in Colors’ is published, Klaus Schønning turns 70.
And then it is time to hold back on publications and reduce the activities.
Klaus will probably continue to play and compose, as it is a big part of his persona. But it will be on another level, and there will most likely be no more album releases.

Klaus Schønning made his debut in 1979 with the record ’Lydglimt’ (glimpses of sound), which is recognized as one of the cornerstones of Danish modern instrumental music. Since then, Klaus has released 35 solo albums, a number of EPs and participated in countless records with other artists.Klaus has performed concerts all over the country, of which the concerts in The Tivoli Gardens are still remembered by many more than 30 years later.
Oct 24 2023 5:44 PM

'Chromatics' new Klaus Schønning album out nov. 1st 2023.
A gradual movement through nine pieces of music each with their own distinctive atmosphere and expression. Harmonic, melodic and varied music for contemplation and inspiration.

The Opening
Seconds Before
When is now?
A Speck on the Horizon
Kindness of Strangers
A Fuge for your Pleasure
Mediterranean Sea
At Peace and Adrift
Aug 24 2023 10:37 PM
More new music: 'Discoveries'

Mar 27 2023 6:49 PM
'Subterraneans' - new album!
“Experiences make an impression. Impressions inspire. Inspiration can be translated into creativity like music and that's how I feel. Nature is a great inspiration, whether you express yourself through pictures, music or other forms of art and expressions - and natural experiences have often been an inspiration for my work with music. We often wonder whether there is life in other parts of our universe and in how it would be expressed? Time after time we recognize that life can exist under the most incredible conditions. Even on the bottom of the sea, in deserts, in arctic climate - and in cave systems. Here - small animals and organisms live in total darkness and with almost no oxygen. Life is a powerful force. Caves can be millions of years. Undisturbed life before the time of man - but in recent years discovered and explored. Today, some of the underground landscapes have become accessible to us. Lights have been installed and walkways have been created, so that we have access to the underground scenarios with their multitude of shapes and colors from minerals and formations of rocks. Fantastic natural phenomena of incredible beauty that supply us with unforgettable impressions of unique parts of our globe. Recently my wife and I had this kind of unique experience in connection with a trip to Lanzarote, where we visited Cueva de los Verdes - part of a seven km magnificent cave accessible deep below the surface of the earth. The music on Subterraneans is a result of this kind of inspiration to creativity that unique experiences with nature can provide”.