Mar 27 2023 6:49 PM
'Subterraneans' - new album!
“Experiences make an impression. Impressions inspire. Inspiration can be translated into creativity like music and that's how I feel. Nature is a great inspiration, whether you express yourself through pictures, music or other forms of art and expressions - and natural experiences have often been an inspiration for my work with music. We often wonder whether there is life in other parts of our universe and in how it would be expressed? Time after time we recognize that life can exist under the most incredible conditions. Even on the bottom of the sea, in deserts, in arctic climate - and in cave systems. Here - small animals and organisms live in total darkness and with almost no oxygen. Life is a powerful force. Caves can be millions of years. Undisturbed life before the time of man - but in recent years discovered and explored. Today, some of the underground landscapes have become accessible to us. Lights have been installed and walkways have been created, so that we have access to the underground scenarios with their multitude of shapes and colors from minerals and formations of rocks. Fantastic natural phenomena of incredible beauty that supply us with unforgettable impressions of unique parts of our globe. Recently my wife and I had this kind of unique experience in connection with a trip to Lanzarote, where we visited Cueva de los Verdes - part of a seven km magnificent cave accessible deep below the surface of the earth. The music on Subterraneans is a result of this kind of inspiration to creativity that unique experiences with nature can provide”.