Symphodyssé VII

Symphodyssé VII

Symphodyssè 5-8 is a continuation of a series of four CDs (Symphodyssè 1-4), which Klaus Schønning released on Fønix Musik 30 years ago. Each CD consists of two long sequences of 20-24 min each. And each sequence consists of four to five pieces of music that segue into one another.
Symphodyssè 5-8 are like four contemporary symphonies that incorporate styles from numerous genres and cultures, adapted into Klaus Schønning's very own unique soundscape. The series is like a musical manifesto that reflects universal moods that can be understood by everyone everywhere.
Music is a common language without words, and music can bind our differences together and contribute to immediate communities.
Symphodyssè 1-8 is a musical journey into the world and into the mind, from which one draws new energy and inspiration to strengthen a togetherness with positive thoughts and power to create a better world.