Classic Constellations

Classic Constellations

On this release we have chosen to pay tribute to selected masterpieces by some of the great classical composers. We could have chosen many other amazing compositions, but the pieces of music by Bach, Bizet and Schubert were previously published in
Klaus Schønning's instrumental events and songs with Franck, Carl Nielsen and Tchaikovsky music are often on the program when Sten Sejr has sung solo concerts.
The listener of "Classic Constellations" will experience timeless music in new events, including two of the most famous church celebrations, two poetic and romantic songs, an opera arie and two famous classic masterpieces added words of Shakespeare and Tennyson.
We love and respect the original instrumental events, but have added our modern interpretation of ideas and sounds of contemporary music and styles. It is our goal to give classically-inspired listeners a surprising and new experience and introduce other listeners to the old masters of classical music.